How to Monitor Your Property to Prevent Rat Infestation

Rats are not only annoying but acutely dangerous as far as human health is concerned. They are known to carry more than 35 diseases that can pose health problems to humans. Rats are considered more dangerous to humans than any other mammal as they can even cause death through disease.

Rat proofing of your house should be key because once they are in, getting rid of them becomes a problem. They adapt to their environment and reproduce amazingly fast. There are some guaranteed ways that you could use to prevent rat infestation in your property. This can be done by following methods.

(a) Repairing damaged vent screens on doors and windows.
(b) Sealing entry holes that are more then 1/4 inch.
(c) Using cement fills around pipes in brick walls and sheet metal collars around wooden walls.

Ensure that there is no food or shelter for the rats to get in to. As long as you have taken care of this, your home will not be habitable for the rats hence keeping them out. You can do this by;

(a) Covering all garbage disposal containers with tight fitting lids.
(b) Ensuring that there is no left over pet food lying around.
(c) Harvesting fruits and any other food regularly.
(d) Fixing leaking water faucets, draining stagnant water, cleaning and covering grills and stoves after use.

Check your compound regularly to ensure that there is no place available for the rats to harbor and hide. This can be done by;

(a) Clearing off any old junk and pile ups like old furniture and unused vehicles off your compound.
(b) Getting rid of thick unwanted plants that might be good hiding places for the rats.
(c) Repairing broken sewers and having lids on them.
(d) Stacking firewood neatly off the ground preferably 18 inches and 1 foot from walls.

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Why Carpenter Ants Are So Dangerous

Carpenters ants are one of the largest types of ants found in the country, and can grow up to ½-inch in length. These ants can either be red or black in color, or even a combination of both red and black. Typically, carpenter ants can be found living in or around dead or rotted wood, but they do sometimes build a colony within a person’s home. It is true that carpenter ants can bite, but it is exceedingly rare that one actually bites a human. The main question that people often ask is that if they do not bite, why are carpenter ants so dangerous.

The danger lies within the structure of the home because carpenter ants build their nests inside wood, even if that wood is part of a house. The ants borrow into the wood causing it to hollow out, which can cause severe structural damage to a home if left undetected. Carpenter ants especially like to nest in damp wood, which makes them more prone to enter a home that has experienced water damage, leaks or condensation to the wood. Ants can usually be detected by professionals because of the sawdust the ants leave behind when building their nests.

One of the main complications with ridding a home of carpenter ants is the fact that their colonies are extraordinarily complex. In addition, these ants tend to create multiple nesting areas, so if just one of the locations is missed during extermination they will likely come back. The best way to prevent ants from entering the home is to replace any part of the structure that has sustained water damage. Ants also like to feed on plants, so it is imperative to keep plants around the house neatly trimmed to ensure that the leaves are not touching the house.

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Learn How to Exterminate Termites

Learn from the easy to follow guidelines on how to exterminate termite infestation here. The processes of killing the termites and preventing the recurrence of a termite infestation involve the usage of chemical insecticides, which are harmful to human being and the environment. Take extra precaution to ensure proper handling and application. Before declaring war against termite infestation, it is essential to verify if the wood damage is indeed caused by termites. Rule out other possible causes to the wood damage, which may be caused by other insects such as ants and bees, and check if water is the culprit that causes the damage.

Upon verifying the damage is caused by termites, check out the magnitude of the infestation. If it is wide spread or the infestation is situated at hard to reach area, it is advisable to engage a professional exterminator who has the right equipment and know-how to carry out the job safely and efficiently. In order to kill existing termites, over the counter termite insecticides in the form of aerosol or foam can be purchased easily from the stores. To prevent any termites from escaping, liquid repellent can be applied around the infestations. The liquid repellent can also be applied around the areas, which are vulnerable to prevent termite colonization.

Termite baits are made of wood or cardboard which are soaked in pesticides. It is a useful solution to prevent termite infestation. When the termites eat the baits, which are placed, at strategic location, they will carry the pesticides particle to their nests and poison the rest of the colony. Termite baits can also used as a tool to detect termite existence in a termite inspection. Termite inspection is carried out during the spring when they are most active. To protect your new home against termites, you can apply solution with sodium borate to the wood surface. Borate products, which are supplied by a reputable organization, are not harmful to human. Borate kills termites and other insects. A borate treatment has been tested and proven to remain active for around ten years.

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Mice are Source of Dangerous Infections

Why mice are source of dangerous infections.

One thing about mice is that they are polarizing rodents. While some people find them cute, others will find them terrifying creatures. However, one thing majority of people agree on is that they should not be entertained in the home. They can cause grave damage to home and introduce serious infections to the food. They not only infect food but also spread risky infectious diseases. A person should learn the dangers mice pose and how to handle them.

They are tiny members of the rodent family. They can reproduce within the first two months after their birth. This makes them even more dangerous creatures because their rapid population is uncontrollable.

Owing to their size, it is not easy for them to threaten physically. Still, it is necessary that one should be careful and not handle them without gloves. They possess sharp teeth. There is utterly no reason of risking an infection from its sharp bite. They carry hantavirus, salmonella and other zootonic infections (wiki source; that are transmitted to humans from animals. Humans can contract such kinds of diseases from mice through contact with the excrement of the rodent. They are haphazard where they excrete. They can end doing so in human food that they have been eating. Unknowing human beings run the risks of catching hantavirus and salmonella by eating food contaminated by mouse. Hantavirus can also be transmitted through breathing in the dust that has been filled by mouse excrement. They can also spread other infections through their bites.

In addition to these excremental infections, they also entertain fleas and a host of other parasites that eventually can spread through the home and transmit further infections.

Since humans know that mice are dangerous creatures, the next problem is how to remove them. With their exponential growth, it is difficult to exterminate them totally. One cannot remove them by setting traps, though there are professional exterminators who can reduce the chances of them returning to the home.

How to Control Bed Bugs

Bed bugs were nearly eliminated altogether from the United States in the late 20th century. However, in recent years after the 21st century started, bed bugs have gotten quite a bit more common. Bed bugs are tremendously irritating and can even turn out to be dangerous if they are not eliminated properly on time.

The first step in bed bug control is bed bug detection. Early detection can make getting rid of the problem far easier. If you are not certain if the infestation in your house or business you should know that bed bugs smell like rotten raspberries. Avery efficient and safe way to detect bed bugs is to bring a bed bug detection dog over. This may be one of the most efficient way to detect bed bugs before they cause any real damage. Nevertheless the detection success rate may not be this high as companies inflate the results in order to improve business.

If you are certain a bed bug infection actually exists in your residence you have several options. First you can use traditional techniques of elimination such as vacuuming, buying new furniture, or deep cleaning. If none of that works it is also possible to bring natural predators of the bed bugs in. Cockroaches, ants and spiders are all known for the ability to destroy bed bugs. Nevertheless despite the low price of this technique, it is extremely risky to bring in one pest in order to destroy another. It is also possible to buy pesticides against bed bugs. Propoxur is one of the most effective pesticides used in the elimination of bed bugs. Nevertheless, this chemical can be dangerous to human health and has been banned in some areas of the United States. It is also possible to hire a pest control service to contain the bed bugs. Although this is an expensive process it may be the only way to get rid of the bed bugs.

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