Mice are Source of Dangerous Infections

Why mice are source of dangerous infections.

One thing about mice is that they are polarizing rodents. While some people find them cute, others will find them terrifying creatures. However, one thing majority of people agree on is that they should not be entertained in the home. They can cause grave damage to home and introduce serious infections to the food. They not only infect food but also spread risky infectious diseases. A person should learn the dangers mice pose and how to handle them.

They are tiny members of the rodent family. They can reproduce within the first two months after their birth. This makes them even more dangerous creatures because their rapid population is uncontrollable.

Owing to their size, it is not easy for them to threaten physically. Still, it is necessary that one should be careful and not handle them without gloves. They possess sharp teeth. There is utterly no reason of risking an infection from its sharp bite. They carry hantavirus, salmonella and other zootonic infections (wiki source http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zoonosis); that are transmitted to humans from animals. Humans can contract such kinds of diseases from mice through contact with the excrement of the rodent. They are haphazard where they excrete. They can end doing so in human food that they have been eating. Unknowing human beings run the risks of catching hantavirus and salmonella by eating food contaminated by mouse. Hantavirus can also be transmitted through breathing in the dust that has been filled by mouse excrement. They can also spread other infections through their bites.

In addition to these excremental infections, they also entertain fleas and a host of other parasites that eventually can spread through the home and transmit further infections.

Since humans know that mice are dangerous creatures, the next problem is how to remove them. With their exponential growth, it is difficult to exterminate them totally. One cannot remove them by setting traps, though there are professional exterminators who can reduce the chances of them returning to the home.


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