Learn How to Exterminate Termites

Learn from the easy to follow guidelines on how to exterminate termite infestation here. The processes of killing the termites and preventing the recurrence of a termite infestation involve the usage of chemical insecticides, which are harmful to human being and the environment. Take extra precaution to ensure proper handling and application. Before declaring war against termite infestation, it is essential to verify if the wood damage is indeed caused by termites. Rule out other possible causes to the wood damage, which may be caused by other insects such as ants and bees, and check if water is the culprit that causes the damage.

Upon verifying the damage is caused by termites, check out the magnitude of the infestation. If it is wide spread or the infestation is situated at hard to reach area, it is advisable to engage a professional exterminator who has the right equipment and know-how to carry out the job safely and efficiently. In order to kill existing termites, over the counter termite insecticides in the form of aerosol or foam can be purchased easily from the stores. To prevent any termites from escaping, liquid repellent can be applied around the infestations. The liquid repellent can also be applied around the areas, which are vulnerable to prevent termite colonization.

Termite baits are made of wood or cardboard which are soaked in pesticides. It is a useful solution to prevent termite infestation. When the termites eat the baits, which are placed, at strategic location, they will carry the pesticides particle to their nests and poison the rest of the colony. Termite baits can also used as a tool to detect termite existence in a termite inspection. Termite inspection is carried out during the spring when they are most active. To protect your new home against termites, you can apply solution with sodium borate to the wood surface. Borate products, which are supplied by a reputable organization, are not harmful to human. Borate kills termites and other insects. A borate treatment has been tested and proven to remain active for around ten years.

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