How to Monitor Your Property to Prevent Rat Infestation

Rats are not only annoying but acutely dangerous as far as human health is concerned. They are known to carry more than 35 diseases that can pose health problems to humans. Rats are considered more dangerous to humans than any other mammal as they can even cause death through disease.

Rat proofing of your house should be key because once they are in, getting rid of them becomes a problem. They adapt to their environment and reproduce amazingly fast. There are some guaranteed ways that you could use to prevent rat infestation in your property. This can be done by following methods.

(a) Repairing damaged vent screens on doors and windows.
(b) Sealing entry holes that are more then 1/4 inch.
(c) Using cement fills around pipes in brick walls and sheet metal collars around wooden walls.

Ensure that there is no food or shelter for the rats to get in to. As long as you have taken care of this, your home will not be habitable for the rats hence keeping them out. You can do this by;

(a) Covering all garbage disposal containers with tight fitting lids.
(b) Ensuring that there is no left over pet food lying around.
(c) Harvesting fruits and any other food regularly.
(d) Fixing leaking water faucets, draining stagnant water, cleaning and covering grills and stoves after use.

Check your compound regularly to ensure that there is no place available for the rats to harbor and hide. This can be done by;

(a) Clearing off any old junk and pile ups like old furniture and unused vehicles off your compound.
(b) Getting rid of thick unwanted plants that might be good hiding places for the rats.
(c) Repairing broken sewers and having lids on them.
(d) Stacking firewood neatly off the ground preferably 18 inches and 1 foot from walls.

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